Testimonials from previous Afro Flow Yoga participants…

“I valued the freedom to be in the moment through live music + dance opportunity to practice yoga with people of different backgrounds.”- Kripalu: Afro Flow Yoga Retreat participant

“Feeling accepted and valued (to dance and to be myself)”-Kripalu: Afro Flow Yoga Retreat participant

“Talented live musicians very inspiring and open heart kindness of all.”-Kripalu: Afro Flow Yoga Retreat participant

“The dancing; it helped t free my intentions, and was very powerful.”-Kripalu: Afro Flow Yoga Retreat participant


“I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you and to experience your wonderful teaching this past week at Omega.  I know that your inspiring presence will continue to resonate with me for many weeks to come and that the uplifting effects of our time together will imbue my own teaching.” -Omega Retreat participant Gemma Farrell Gratitude Yoga Princeton, NJ

“All I can say is that YOU CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I love what AFY does for my body, mind and soul! I miss it, and can’t wait to get back in the groove 🙂 -Love and Peace ” -Omega Retreat participant  Hilda, Lowell MA

“Spirit, Rhythm. The Afro Flow love it!”

“African Dance, Yoga, Meditation +Leslie all of it=Lifting!!”-Marisa

“The African/Africana integration/information/history and breathing techniques!!”

“I loved the drums and encouragement to be” free and express yourself.”-Kara

“Leslie brings so much energy.”-Sheryl

“ Leslie’s energy and blissful feeling throughout”-Marty

“Honestly everything. I LOVE the dance and how it flowed through the class.”-Nyacko Pearl




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Together, all of you are helping us build an amazing, healthy community that supports wellness, diversity and non-judgment.  We would love to hear your feedback on class experience, our schedule of events, what you find inspirational about Afro Flow Yoga, what could be improved, and anything else you just want to put out there!

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Many thanks and namaste,

Your Afro Flow Yoga team

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