Welcome to Afro Flow Yoga

Afro Flow Yoga infuses electrifying dance movements of the African Diaspora with a meditative yoga sequence of gentle yet powerful stretches and healing music. Deeply connect with the soulful rhythmic drums, energize your chakras, gain strength and flexibility and rejoice in the bliss of feeling renewed, grounded and peaceful!   We offer weekly and monthly classes as well as workshops and retreats.  These sessions are open to all levels of dance and yoga, no experience necessary!  Email us for more information.  

Inspiration of the Month–November 2011

        As skincare products go, I suppose you could categorize me as a “junkie”.  I’ve tried everything from inexpensive creams that promise a lot, but do nothing because they’re made from chemicals and junk (won’t name names here, but take a look at your lotion bottle today and google the ingredients…ugh) AND very expensive, organic products that promise to lift you (and your skin) straight into the ether…as long as you can PAY! Neither scenarios resonate with…