Afro Flow Yoga® Levels

Afro Flow Yoga® Levels


Afro Flow Yoga® Teacher-in-Training

As an Afro Flow Yoga® Teacher-in-Training, you will have successfully completed Foundations, the 3 teacher-training modules, and passed the 3 module exams. You will be required to teach a minimum of 15 – 20 practice hours and you are encouraged to attend Afro Flow Yoga® classes, workshops and/or retreats. You will receive two 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Leslie Salmon Jones or an AFY designee.  You may then test out for certification by demonstrating your understanding and mastery of the content and your ability to teach an AFY class either in person or via video demonstration, at the approval of Leslie Salmon Jones.

Teachers-in-training who geographically do not have access to Afro Flow Yoga® classes and intensives, can arrange to host an AFY workshop, intensive or retreat in their area with Leslie Salmon Jones, Jeff Jones and/or AFY designees.

Afro Flow Yoga® Certified Teacher

As an Afro Flow Yoga® certified teacher, you have satisfied the terms of the Afro Flow Yoga® Teacher Training Program and have been approved by Leslie Salmon Jones or her designees, to teach classes in the method and style taught in the Afro Flow Yoga® Teacher Training Program.  After teaching ongoing classes (public or private) within 1 year of completing your AFY Yoga Teacher Training, you are then eligible to apply for the advanced teacher program, which offers additional modules in learning to lead AFY workshops and special events.

Afro Flow Yoga® Advanced Teacher

To become Afro Flow Yoga® Advanced Teacher, you must demonstrate excellent classroom practices by teaching to a diverse group of students including people of all levels, ages, sizes, genders, cultures and socio economic backgrounds in a non-judgmental and safe environment.  Upon the completion of a continuing education module, you are also eligible to apply to take the advanced certification exam, which, if passed, would qualify you as an advanced certified Afro Flow Yoga® teacher.  Upon approval, you will be entitled to lead workshops and special events booked through Afro Flow Yoga® and may mentor new students.