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Afro Flow Yoga® Foundations

Welcome to the Foundations of Afro Flow Yoga® Learning Intensive program. This program is for people on a personal journey who are interested in deepening their practice.

This course teaches students about the roots of Afro Flow Yoga®. Done in (8) two hour bi-weekly sessions, (16 contact hours), it is a hybrid course that combines online and/or in-person meetings along with the practice of various elements of an Afro Flow Yoga® class. Students will learn the foundational principles of Afro Flow Yoga® and study a selection of topics in the field of dance, yoga, meditation, breath work, music, diet, lifestyle, inclusive community outreach, and African culture, history, and philosophy.


Afro Flow Yoga® Teacher Training

Welcome to the Afro Flow Yoga® Teacher Training program. This program is for people interested in becoming future Afro Flow Yoga® certified teachers.

The course teaches students the methodology, discipline and practices of an Afro Flow Yoga® class.  Done in 4 modules (approx. 60 contact hours), it is a hybrid course that combines online meetings and a series of in-person intensives.  Beginning with Module 1, students will learn the foundations of Afro Flow Yoga®.  In Modules 2 & 3, students will learn and practice the sequencing of an Afro Flow Yoga® class. The final module, Module 4, will teach students the formula to create and instruct an Afro Flow Yoga® class and conduct ethical business practices. Upon successful completion of the 4 modules, students who meet the prerequisites* may apply to become an Afro Flow Yoga® certified teacher.


Afro Flow Yoga® Teacher Training Prerequisites*

To become an Afro Flow Yoga® certified teacher it is MANDATORY to complete Afro Flow Yoga® Modules 1 – 4, AND a 200hr RYT CERTIFICATION from an approved institution, AND have a MINIMUM 2 years of dance training in dances of the African Diaspora, cultural dances and/or Afro Flow Yoga® classes. Upon approval, these requirements can be met before, during or within 2 years of completing the final Afro Flow Yoga® module.

For those who have had no Afro Flow Yoga® experience, prior to beginning the program modules, you will be required to attend either Afro Flow Yoga classes (10) and/or an additional weeklong intensive as an additional requirement to becoming certified.



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